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Tuesday, January 19th – Guest: William Donahue

William Donahue – Pros and Cons of Demons in Pop Culture

William Donahue will describe the depictions of Hell in pop culture and literature. From the nine circles of Hell in Dante’s Inferno to Hell on Earth, he describes how fiction helps to explain a place that fascinates—and terrifies—us all.


When he’s not writing fiction, entertaining his cats, or wandering quietly in the woods, William J. Donahue works as a full-time magazine editor and features writer. He is the editor of three monthly lifestyle publications serving the Philadelphia area, as well as the managing editor of a literary journal about the writers, artists, and history of Bucks County. He lives in a small but well-guarded fortress in Pennsylvania, somewhere on the map between Philadelphia and Bethlehem. There’s no moat, but it has plenty of snakes.


Burn, Beautiful Soul

Too Much Poison

Filthy Beast

Brain Cradle



All music by The Rentals featuring special remixes from their album Q36.
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