Friday, March 31st – Guest: Kevin Jeffers

Kevin Jeffers – The Touch of Spirit

Kevin Jeffers shares his experiences as a soul traveler, healer and energy specialist. He has set out to teach people how to achieve spiritual freedom through a unique expression of consciousness he calls the Pattern.


Kevin Jeffers is an author, artist and successful businessman who has traveled the world working in advertising, design and construction finance.

From an early age, Kevin encountered many unexplained experiences and phenomena that have expanded to include consciousness shifting, soul retrieval, past life recovery, energetic healing and soul travel.

When meditating, Kevin encountered an opening of his consciousness to the amazing interweaving of Spirit, society and the uplift of consciousness on the planet Earth. He wrote The Pattern: An Exploration of Consciousness over 30 years ago, and much of his book is written as a stream of consciousness directly from Spirit.

He is currently working on his next book about his incredible and wonderful experiences of Soul Retrieval, a committed practice he has been involved in for many years.


ThePattern: An Exploration of Consciousness


The Pattern


The Touch of Spirit


The Pattern

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