Amy On The Radio

Amy On The Radio – Wednesday, August 19th – Tracy Savage (Savage Science)


Tracy Savage is a research biologist by day, has been an organic worm rancher for decades, runs the Facebook group for Tim Weisberg’s Midnight Society and also has enjoyed being a radio show host by night for over ten years.

Her radio journey began as the “Science Diva” with the Ghost Divas, then on to Joliet Paranormal Radio and other local radio hosting.

She hosts Savage Science Radio on Jackalope105FM, a “geeked out mash-up of science with science fiction, horror, comics and Old Time Radio” – and sometimes interviews and public lectures about pertinent topics.

She also has been a paranormal investigator with a team in SoCal for a dozen or more years, and has appeared on SyFy’s Paranormal Witness.

She likes to share the light of educating about science and critical thinking wherever she can, especially in the para-realm.


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