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Tuesday, February 23rd – Guest: She-Squatchers

Jen Kruse, Jena Grover and Tammy Treichel – The She-Squatchers

Jen Kruse, Tammy Treichel, and Jena Grover form the all-female Bigfoot search and research team, “She-Squatchers.” They will join us tonight to talk about their adventures and sightings in Minnesota, Tennessee, and North Dakota.


She-Squatchers came together in 2015 to begin their “All Female Bigfoot Experiment,” as the Midwest’s first all-female bigfoot research team. They aren’t just women in the woods, they are psychic women in the woods, utilizing their extra senses on their quest to find and interact with Bigfoot. The team is lead by missing persons psychic medium and geographic remote viewer Jen Kruse. Her adventurous team members include Jena Grover and Tammy Treichel. All three ladies have psychic abilities. Together they have had some amazing experiences, including close calls with rocks being thrown at them from the trees above. They have found evidence that has convinced them that there is definitely something out there. They are literally traveling from coast to coast this year to share what they have found.



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