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Monday, June 7th- Guest: Natalie Fowler

Natalie Fowler – The Spirit’s Way Home

Natalie Fowler shares her story about how a soccer mom came out of the psychic closet and learned to embrace her own gifts to help others. But more importantly, she also shares the stories of some of the ghosts that she’s encountered along the way.


Natalie Fowler was once a practicing attorney; now she is an author, paranormal investigator and a psychic medium. She is also a staff editor and regular contributor for FATE Magazine. Natalie is a member of Ghost Stories Ink (a group of authors and illustrators who go on paranormal investigations in the name of creative inspiration) and a co-founder of Paranormal Services Cooperative, a paranormal team that was created to promote the concept of spirit rescue. Natalie’s book The Spirit’s Way Home was released by Llewellyn Worldwide in October 2020.


The Spirit’s Way Home







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