Guests Midnight Society

Friday, April 10th – Guest: Susan Shumsky

Susan Shumsky – The Beatles and Maharishi

Dr. Susan Shumsky spent 22 years in the Ashrams and six years on the personal staff of Maharishi. A rare insider, Susan shares the secrets of that time, Maharishi’s influence on the Beatles, their lyrics and the TM movement.

She will also discuss how to receive and follow Divine guidance and the importance of spiritual discernment, and how to pray forwards, not backward.


Author and speaker Susan Shumsky has 40 years of experience teaching in the consciousness field. She has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. She is the best-selling author of 17 books in English and 34 books published in foreign languages. She has won 31 prestigious book awards. A pioneer in the human potential field, she has taught thousands of people meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition.


The Big Book of Chakras

Awaken Your Third Eye

Awaken Your Divine Intuition

Third Eye Meditations

Maharishi & Me




Guests Midnight Society

Tuesday April 7th – Guests: James Marshall and Sharry Edwards

James Marshall and Sharry Edwards – Medicine of the Future

Sharry Edwards is a legend in the field of BioAcoustics, sound healing, and the movement towards health independence. Sharry and James will be discussing a number of fascinating topics from her groundbreaking voice analysis software used to detect lying, to healing yourself with your own voice.

Then, James will share with us his first hand experiences in the paranormal.


James Marshall is an accomplished actor, author, artist and musician.He is most known for playing the moody, biker boyfriend of Laura Palmer in the TV series, “Twin Peaks”. By early 1990 his career took a turn onto the silver screen with an appearance in the movie “Cadence”, starring Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen.

Also, the song “Just You”, written by David Lynch and was performed by James, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Sheryl Lee. It originally appeared in Episode 9 and later in Part 13 of the 2017 series.

A photo of Sharry Edwards

Sharry Edwards has the ability to provide an extraordinary glimpse into the medicine of the future through the use of Vocal Profiling and individuated Sound Presentation. Her curiosity and her need to make a difference in the world led her to develop a scientific format for computational biology via the sounds of the human voice. Sharry calls this new field of discovery Sonistry. Just as there is a system of basic elements that we call, chemistry, there is a basic set of sound frequencies that can monitor, predict and manage biological function. String theory found a basis for the existence of our DNA blueprint; Sonistry deals with the frequency signals that manage RNA.

Sharry is the acknowledged pioneer and recognized leader of the emerging field of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling. Her work has been the subject of several documentaries and she is the recipient of the Scientist of the year award by the New Frontiers of Science. She is a faculty emeritus of the Capital University of Integrative Medicine. Her work appears in many books and publications.


Find Peer Reviewed Journals here:

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Guests Midnight Society

Monday, April 6th – Guest: Patricia Monna

Patricia Monna – Psychic Detective: Finding Missing People

Patricia Monna discusses how the revolutionary group “Find Me” uses psychics to assist in locating the missing to bring peace and closure to the families and loved ones involved.


Patricia Monna is an Internationally known Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor and Founder of Psychic Awareness Retreats. Patricia has dedicated her time and expertise to local and International law enforcement agencies from around the world, to help locate missing persons and bring closure to victims of homicide, kidnapping or unexplained disappearances.  In addition to locating missing persons, Patricia also meets privately with clients in her office for sessions located in Calgary Ab, Canada.

Photos From Guest – Apparition of Zachariah Rathwell

Photo of an apparition of Zachariah Rathwell

EVP clip caught on tape