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Friday, May 7th – Guest: JP Hague

JP Hague – The Exotic Side of UAPs Continues

JP Hague is back to update developments taking place over in the small tropical island nation of Mauritius, located in the Southern Indian Ocean, and the rest of the world throughout the lockdown period. JP will continue to explain the more “exotic side” of UAP and how it operates within and is inherent to our reality, revealing a “spiritual system” at play.


JP Hague is a practicing lawyer who has experienced unusual and extra-sensory phenomena throughout his life that he has sought to rationally research, contextualize and understand.

He is the National Director of MUFON Mauritius and runs UFOlogy Mauritius & Indian Ocean. Upon moving from London, England, to the tropical island of Mauritius, he began to consistently experience and interact with unidentified aerial phenomena of a multidimensional nature.

JP actively researches, speaks and writes about the subject and its intrinsic connection to the mysteries through a balanced approach and mindset. He considers esoterism, spirituality and science to all be the right tools and lenses for a better understanding of the layers of reality that surround and interact with us: worlds within worlds.


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Guests Midnight Society

Tuesday, July 7th – Guest: JP Hague

JP Hague – The Exotic Side of UAP

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