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Friday, December 16th – Guest: Roderick Martin

Roderick Martin – Extraterrestrial Intentions

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Thursday, January 14th – Guest: Ricky C. Butterfass

Ricky C. Butterfass – The Paths to ET Contact

Ricky Butterfass will share real-life stories about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences of extraterrestrial contact. These people include doctors, computer programmers, sanitation and postal workers, healers, meteorologists, biologists, pilots, artists, engineers – people from many different walks of life.


Ricky C. Butterfass is an author and researcher who studied Aerospace Science at Metropolitan State University of Denver and Solar Energy at Denver Community College, Red Rocks. Butterfass is an acclaimed associate producer of the film Sirius Disclosure with Dr. Steven Greer. He is a close encounters of the 5th kind (CE-5) expert at CSETI and trains people how to proactively initiate UFO and ET contact.

Butterfass is also co-founder of a new energy research company, GAEA, and works as a tech support advisor for the Orion Project. He is a member of the National Space Institute, International Association for New Science, Institute for Noetic Science, and the World Future Society. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.


Paths to Contact: True Stories from the Contact Underground



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Amy On The Radio

Amy On The Radio – Wednesday, November 18th – Guest Travis Walton


Travis Walton

Driving home after a day of clearing underbrush in the Sitgreaves National Forest, seven loggers came upon a 40-foot wide shiny disc hovering on the crest of a ridge. As if spellbound, one of these loggers, Travis Walton, jumped from the passenger side of their work truck and ran toward the craft for a closer look. That decision on November 5, 1975 would change these men forever.

Travis’ story became a book and movie called, “Fire in the Sky” (1993). The Paramount Pictures feature film enhanced his “close encounter of the third kind,” (a term coined by ufologist J. Allen Hynek denoting human observations of actual aliens or “animate beings”).

: The True Story of Travis Walton, recounts the experiences of the work crew that day in the forest and the weeks that followed this incident. Travis and the rest of the crew struggled to make sense of the event, enduring humiliation and job losses. Travis has encountered lifelong ridicule regarding his experiences.

The Travis Walton UFO story remains one of the most well documented stories of its kind of all time.

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Wednesday April 8th – Guest: Ed Komarek

Ed Komarek – UFOs and the New World Disorder

Ed Komarek will discuss his findings on ET’s and UFO’s including the controversial Eisenhower-ET meeting, and the beginnings of the Bilderberg Group.

He will also talk about the importance of light fire in nature’s light fire ecosystems.


Ed Komarek is a longtime UFO/ET investigator and activist having been involved in the field for forty years. For the past several years, Ed has written over two hundred exopolitical essays on exopolitics published to this blog and in the Internet press. The essays are regularly published in MessageToEagle, UFO Digest, The American Chronicle, The Oped News, The Canadian National Newspaper. Because these articles can be republished by anybody they float about the Internet creating an extensive global exopolitical network feeding back into the blog.

Recently, Ed published UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder. He believes this to be the most extensive and detailed exopolitics book available to the public to date. With the publication of this book, Ed brings his writings to a much more advanced level and into a much tighter, concise, and well-edited format. The idea is to present a book to the public that is a foundation book for the newly emerging field of exopolitics.


Enlightenment: The Long Hard Road

UFOs, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder

Fire in Nature: A Fire Activists Guide

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Tuesday April 7th – Guests: James Marshall and Sharry Edwards

James Marshall and Sharry Edwards – Medicine of the Future

Sharry Edwards is a legend in the field of BioAcoustics, sound healing, and the movement towards health independence. Sharry and James will be discussing a number of fascinating topics from her groundbreaking voice analysis software used to detect lying, to healing yourself with your own voice.

Then, James will share with us his first hand experiences in the paranormal.


James Marshall is an accomplished actor, author, artist and musician.He is most known for playing the moody, biker boyfriend of Laura Palmer in the TV series, “Twin Peaks”. By early 1990 his career took a turn onto the silver screen with an appearance in the movie “Cadence”, starring Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen.

Also, the song “Just You”, written by David Lynch and was performed by James, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Sheryl Lee. It originally appeared in Episode 9 and later in Part 13 of the 2017 series.

A photo of Sharry Edwards

Sharry Edwards has the ability to provide an extraordinary glimpse into the medicine of the future through the use of Vocal Profiling and individuated Sound Presentation. Her curiosity and her need to make a difference in the world led her to develop a scientific format for computational biology via the sounds of the human voice. Sharry calls this new field of discovery Sonistry. Just as there is a system of basic elements that we call, chemistry, there is a basic set of sound frequencies that can monitor, predict and manage biological function. String theory found a basis for the existence of our DNA blueprint; Sonistry deals with the frequency signals that manage RNA.

Sharry is the acknowledged pioneer and recognized leader of the emerging field of Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling. Her work has been the subject of several documentaries and she is the recipient of the Scientist of the year award by the New Frontiers of Science. She is a faculty emeritus of the Capital University of Integrative Medicine. Her work appears in many books and publications.


Find Peer Reviewed Journals here:

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