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Friday, June 17th – Guest: Darcy Weir

Darcy Weir – The Bitcoin Field Guide

Darcy Weir will discuss his new film on cryptocurrency, including interviews from industry professionals who are working in different areas of crypto business. Topics will include blockchain, bitcoin, a history of currency, smart contracts, NFTs, DEFI, gaming, the metaverse and the future. We aim to demystify the crypto world for the masses.


Darcy Weir is a documentary filmmaker who has chosen to work on some of the more fascinating subjects that are discussed today. He has completed over 10 feature-length documentaries which are all available through Tubi TV and Amazon Prime. He recently completed a new documentary based on the history of Bitcoin to date, as well as the nebulous cryptocurrency market. From Main Street to Wall Street, Darcy spoke to industry professionals who are working in different areas of crypto business. Using comedy, each chapter is designed to give educational information in an engaging and easy to understand way.



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Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, April 9th – Guest: Adam Apollo

Adam Apollo – Ancient Future Technology & Physics

Adam Apollo will be discussing his research of how our history and archeological stories of the Dynastic periods of Egypt are missing vital observations and data. He believes these time periods, although very old, are not the actual ancient origins of most of the stone architecture and resonating structures found all over Egypt. The narrative of historical timelines have been skewed by common archeological belief and storytelling, most of which has failed to clearly understand and observe the actual evidence in these sites.


Adam Apollo has been a physicist, systems architect, designer and developer for nearly 20 years, founding several education and technology oriented companies and organizations, as well as producing hundreds of websites and works across data sovereignty, decentralization and cryptocurrency. He has been a featured speaker on future technology and unified physics at the White House, the United Nations, and at conferences around the world. As founder and CEO of Superluminal Systems, he built the Resonance Academy for Unified Physics, writing the college level Modern Physics module exploring physics history from Descartes to Planck.

As a child, Adam Apollo had several encounters with extraterrestrial starships. Since awakening at 15 years, Adam dedicated himself to extensive studies in symbolic geometry, past-life recall, sanskaric healing, Taoist alchemy, martial arts, energy therapies, occult magic, and many diverse ancient and modern spiritual traditions and practices. He has had countless contact experiences, organized CSETI and ECETI events, called and connected with hundreds of Starship crews, and developed a comprehensive knowledge of many species who have interacted with humanity over many millennia.


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