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Thursday, April 30th – Guest: L.E. Carroll

L.E. Carroll – Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Encounters

L.E. Carroll, a 73-year-old Central Texas man, shares his and his beloved wife Suzy’s life stories of their extraordinary encounters with ET’s, the Secret School, and much more.


L.E. Carroll was born in San Antonio in 1947. After returning home from Vietnam, he took over the family masonry business and retired in 2000. He and his beloved wife Suzy went on many adventures together such as searching for meteorites as well as UFO and E.T. research. After reading Charles James Hall’s Millennial Hospitality V, they decided to conduct their own research to see if it was true. They interviewed many credible people who had their own personal encounters in the mountains and with Tall Whites. Eventually, they teamed up with Charles Hall, hosting a seminar for MUFON in San Antonio.


Memoirs of My Extraterrestrial Encounters


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