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Friday, January 7th – Guests: Darcy Weir and James Goodall

Darcy Weir and James Goodall – Secret Space UFO: Rise of the TR3B

The legendary TR3B is said to be the very first alien reproduction vehicle that the military built secretly for space travel. The history of triangular UFO sightings and top secret military aircraft will be discussed with Darcy Weir and Jim Goodall.


Darcy Weir is an independent documentary filmmaker from Canada, trained as a video editor, writer, director and producer in university and technical college, he has chosen to work on some of the more fascinating subjects that are discussed today. Recently, he completed a new documentary based on the theory that Relic Hominids like Sasquatch live in deep wilderness all around the world. Darcy’s films also cover UFOs, UFO disclosure and crop circles. He also published a remastered version of an earlier film about Phil Schneider, underground bases and secret space.





Secret Space UFOs: Rise of the TR3B:

Who Saw the Men in Black:

SecureTeam10 Video:


James Goodall is a former Air Force tech who installed telemetry systems for CIA’s secret A-12 Blackbird aircraft. He’s a historian of aviation and spooky military technology. He’s written dozens of books on the history of different aviation vehicles and his latest book is about 75 Years of Lockheed Skunk Work’s top secret airplane development.


75 Years of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

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