Friday, December 17th – Guest: Gail Hayssen

Gail Hayssen – A Small Medium at Large

For decades, Gail Hayssen has been a subject and contributor to scientists in the paranormal and psi-research field. She has led an unconventional life and found herself accepted into other cultures by just being herself.

Gail will discuss her work with shamans, miraculous healings, remote viewing, dreams that helped solve mysteries, and she will talk about what it was like to be the test subject for scientific research in the field of metaphysics.


Gail Hayssen has had paranormal experiences since she was a teenager.  Gail attended the Woodstock music festival in 1969, appears in the Woodstock documentary, and is featured in the recent book 50 Years of Peace andMusic. Today in the research community Gail is known as a telepath, psychic and remote viewer –  someone who accurately sees distant or future events. The chapter on telepathy in Dr. Dean Radin’s international bestseller Supernormal describes one of many successful paranormal experiments with Gail as the subject. She has contributed to many experiments and papers on paranormal phenomena. In the 1970s, entrepreneur Werner Erhardt presented Gail at events to promote the Mind Dynamics seminars that evolved into Erhardt Seminars Training or EST. Gail has been welcomed into indigenous cultures including the Huichol of Mexico, the Haida of Alaska, and Shamans of Mongolia. In 2012 she was initiated as a Mongolian Buriat Shaman. In 2014 she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Mongolia’s National Academy of Sciences.


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