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CHANGE MY MIND PODCAST – Monday, September 6th – Episode #134 – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Exit Survey

Episode #134 – Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Exit Survey

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About The Show

Wesley Sykes & Nick Friar are friends who have a lot of the same interests. Except they have two very different points of view on things like movies, TV, and comics.
Change My Mind is a debate-format podcast dedicated to the things we love one argument at a time.
CHANGE MY MIND podcast airs with new episodes every Monday at 10 PM Pacific (1 AM Eastern / Midnight Central / 11 PM Mountain) on Midnight.FM!
The Dark Fog

THE DARK FOG – Sunday September 5th

THE DARK FOG with The Dark Voice presents classic TWISTED TALES OF TERROR!

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Weird Tales Show

Weird Tales with Charles Christian – Sunday, September 5th – Kolchak, Dracula and other tales

WEIRD TALES WITH CHARLES CHRISTIAN now airing at 4PM Eastern/3PM Central/1PM Pacific, Sundays on Midnight.FM!

In this week’s Weird Tales Radio Show 179 our guest is author, editor, journalist and actor Mark Dawidziak talking about Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Kolchak the Night Stalker, performing Mark Twain on stage, Rod Serling, the Twilight Zone, Pandemic Horror – and whether the movie I Am Legend contains a message for anti-vaxxers?

Here’s this week’s link:

And here’s that I Am Legend link…

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Military X-Files

Military X-Files – Saturday, September 4th – “The Case of the Battered Police Car”

“The Case of the Battered Police Car”

The gang talks to show contributor Jocko Johnson about a mysterious collision involving a Minnesota policeman and “something” that hit his patrol car, resulting in damages so bizarre even the Ford Motor Company couldn’t explain them.

Also, Coco on the many different shapes of UFOs, the story of World War Two’s Ghost Bomber and Top Ten names for the gang’s new rock band.

Plus, Raven relives her frightening Ouija Board story.

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