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Tuesday, July 13th – Guest: Debra Jordan-Kauble

Debra Jordan-Kauble – Extraordinary Contact

Debra Jordan-Kauble shares her close-up and personal experiences with UFOs, poltergeists, the afterlife, premonitions, synchronicities, non-human entities and her connection with Budd Hopkins.


Debra Jordan-Kauble was the central figure in Budd Hopkin’s New York Times best-selling book Intruders: the Incredible Visitations at Copely Woods, as well as the 1992 CBS mini-series of the same name, using the pseudonym “Kathie Davis” to protect her young family. In 1992, she revealed her true identity and co-authored, with her sister, Kathy Mitchell, Abducted: The story of Intruders Continues. She has just released her newest book, Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Intruders. She co-hosted, along with Gregg Cable, Midwest Paratalk and together with Gregg co-founded the paranormal research team The Paranormal Underground. She was a member of the Disaster Action Team for the local chapter of the American Red Cross, a member of MENSA, a licensed Cosmetologist, and has worked full time for the past 15 years for a major automotive parts supplier. She is a wife, mother to four, grandmother to eight, and resides in North Central Indiana with her husband, two Yorkies, and a cat.


Abducted: The Story of Intruders Continues

Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Intruders 


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