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Weird Tales with Charles Christian – Sunday, July 11th – Episode 171: The Truth is out there – or is it?

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In this week’s Weird Tales Radio Show #171 it’s more high strangeness as our guest Joe Montaldo talks about the Pentagon UFO Report, encounters with flying saucers, and military secrets. The truth may be out there but the government sure isn’t going to tell us.

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Military X-Files

Military X-Files – Saturday, July 10th – “The Yo-Yo Show”

“The Yo-Yo Show”

Cobra sits in for Mack with a show full of military techniques and anecdotes.

UFO researcher Mary Joyce discusses NASA “whistle blowers.”

Switchblade Steve Ward talks about the upcoming Mothman Convention in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Special guests, Empath Valerie Lofaso and musician Matt Malley.

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