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Wednesday, July 7th – Guest: Brian Clune

Brian Clune – Tales of West Coast Hauntings

Author and researcher Brian Clune walks us through the wicked and weird West Coast with tales of hauntings from Universal Studios to the legendary Queen Mary to paranormal-infested San Pedro and beyond.


Brian Clune is the co-founder and the historian for Planet Paranormal Radio and Planet Paranormal Investigations. He has traveled the entire state of California researching its haunted hotspots and historical locations in an effort to bring knowledge of the paranormal and the wonderful history of the state to those interested in learning.

His interest in history has led him to volunteer aboard the USS Iowa and at the Fort MacArthur Military Museum, as well as giving lectures at colleges and universities around the state. He has been involved with numerous TV shows including Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story, Dead Files, Ghost Hunters and was the subject in a companion documentary for the movie Paranormal Asylum. He has also appeared on numerous local and national and international radio programs. Clune is the co-host for the radio program The Full Spectrum Project which deals in subjects ranging from ghosts, murders and all things odd and weird both natural and supernatural.


Ghosts of the Queen Mary

California’s Historic Haunts

Haunted San Pedro

Haunted Universal Studios

Ghosts and Legends of Alcatraz

Ghosts and Legends of Calico

Thinking Outside the Box: Frank Sumption, Creator of the Ghost Box

Hollywood Obscura

Haunted Heart of San Diego (coming Sept. 13)

Dark Tourism: California (Spring 2022)





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