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Monday, December 14th – Guest: Dr. Scott Taylor

Dr. Scott Taylor – A Shared Near Death Experience

Dr. Scott Taylor explores the expanded states of awareness in the digital age. He will also discuss his first-hand encounter in a shared NDE and how it changed his life.


Scott Taylor, Ed.D. was the CEO of Brett’s Department Stores and The Expanded Awareness Institute. He was VP of Marketing and Sales for startup Phenix Biocomposites. He mentored thousands of small business owners and nonprofit organizations through the Small Business Management program for the state of Minnesota. In addition, he is the voice and author of six best-selling Into the Light audio albums that explore the intersection of Hemi-Sync® technology and near-death experiences.

Scott is currently the President and Executive Director of The Monroe Institute. His vision for Monroe is its expanded global distinction as the world’s go-to organization for exploring human consciousness. Scott attended Gateway Voyage® in 1983, became an Outreach Trainer in 1985, Residential Trainer in 1998 and appointed to his current position in March 2019.


Into the Light: Near-Death Meditations

Into the Light: Exploring the Tunnel

Into the Light: Meeting Your Guides

Into the Light: Embracing Source

Into the Light: Radiating Love

Into the Light: Free Flow Meditations



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