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Wednesday, November 11th – Guest: Kenney Irish

Kenney Irish – The Cryptopunkologist

Kenney Irish joins us to discuss Sasquatch reports in various states across the U.S., as well as other cryptids including Lake Champlain’s “Champ,” Dogmen and Mothman. We will also examine Native American folklore, as well as some famous historical Bigfoot encounters, and alternative theories as to what some of these beings might be.


Kenney W. Irish a.k.a. K.W. is an author, musician and sales/marketing professional. Originally from the northern parts of Vermont, he has recently relocated to the beautiful Adirondacks area of upstate New York. With a lifelong love of folklore monsters, U.F.O stories, writing and public speaking at writers’ groups and various other platforms across the country, he continues his journey focusing on both fiction and non-fiction works. He has a passion for writing young readers chapter books, yet has recently dived headfirst into young adult to adult manuscripts and has signed with Dark Moon Press. He’s also an explorer and Cryptopunkologist for the New York Bigfoot Society. The NYBS, whose parent company is The Tri-City Paranormal Society, has appeared on the National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel and Destination America.  K.W. is also co-host for the NYBS radio show alongside Gary Robusto, the founder of both groups.


Folklore Frankensteins

Stanley Ryker and the Bigfoot Run Around




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