Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, November 12th – Guest: Bruce Leininger

Bruce Leininger – The Ghost Inside My Child


FrightDay – Tuesday November 10th – Byron’s Serial Killer Corner: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

“What goes bump in the night? Whether it’s Bigfoot, a ghost, or Patrick Bateman, the FRIGHTDAY crew, armed with their EVP recorder and flashlights, will investigate. When Sam, Byron, and Captain Kelly aren’t investigating cryptids, aliens, hauntings, and serial killers, they have lighthearted discussions with film lovers and makers, and review current and classic horror films.”

Byron’s Serial Killer Corner

“The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders”

On the morning of June 13th, 1977, a camp counselor stumbled into a nightmare. An evil act perpetrated under the cover of a storm, left three young girls dead, triggering the largest manhunt in Oklahoma history at the time.

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Amy On The Radio

Amy On The Radio – Wednesday, November 11th – Guest Mark Borchardt


Mark Borchardt

Mark Borchardt is a writer and filmmaker residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Some of his films include “Coven,” “The Dundee Project” and the forthcoming “The More the Scarier VI.” He has written numerous plays, three of which were produced in various shorts festivals from Milwaukee to Los Angeles. He also wrote and produced radio dramas including the venerated “Nightrun.”

Catch him on Monday evenings 6 – 6:30 p.m. Central time for his show on the arts, “Cinema Tonight” on

Guests Midnight Society

Wednesday, November 11th – Guest: Kenney Irish

Kenney Irish – The Cryptopunkologist

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