Riffanormal – Saturday, August 22nd – “Broom For Let”

Jeff and Garry are back with Episode 2 of RIFFANORMAL, the Paranormal Comedy Show which airs at 9:00 PM Eastern/6:00 PM Pacific Saturdays on Midnight.FM.

Episode 2 – “Broom to Let”

Jeff rants about the word of the week, “Panel” and talks about the word of the week last week, “Vestibule”, in relation to the Crew Dragon Space capsule. 

Garry talk about historic accounts of “hocus pokus”, witches getting “high” on their brooms via hallucinogens, and application thereof to their nether regions.

 Jeff brings news of hairy real estate ventures, and poses interesting questions about cryptid evidence.  Jeff & Garry talk about Gerry King and his Spa Night. 

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Spooky Southcoast

Spooky Southcoast – LIVE Simulcast – Saturday August, 22nd

Spooky Southcoast airs LIVE in- studio with an all new episode simulcast from WBSM, 1420 AM New Bedford.

Join host Tim Weisberg with co-hosts Stephanie Burke and Matt Moniz LIVE at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific on the web at Midnight.FM or to 1420 on your AM dial in the Massachussets Southcoast.

CALL IN LINE: 1+ (508) 996-0500
Military X-Files

Saturday August 22nd – “Static Man vs the Donuts from Outer Space”

“Static Man vs the Donuts from Outer Space” – Mack, Juan-Juan, Cobra & Switch talk with X-Men producer Eric Lewald about how not to kill off a super hero.

Switch meets the mystery guest of his dreams, but she doesn’t recognize him.

Plus, the best UFO humanoid reports from the 1950s and the bizarre story of how Mack & Coco became friends during the first Gulf War.

Special guest: Valerie the Empath

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Strange Cases Show

Strange Cases with Gerry King – Saturday, August 22nd – Don Trio, Three-Headed Country Legend

“Strange Cases” with 80’s Television Legend Gerry King, a Midnight.FM Network Original show, continues for its second week on this network Saturday, August 22nd with Season 1 Episode 2 – “Don Trio”, Country Music Legend, born with three heads. 

Show Trailer

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Tune in Saturdays at 9:30PM Eastern/6:30 PM Pacific to hear Strange Cases with Gerry King here on MidnightFM