Into The Fray

Into The Fray – Thursday, August 20th – Black Triangles / Canyonlands, Utah

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Brian Wellman and his father witnessed three, completely silent, unidentifiable craft maneuvering around an overlook point near Moab, Utah in September of 2019. He was featured on the show, Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation but wanted to come on and tell the entire story of that incredible sighting. The movements executed, has them both convinced of these being off-planet aircraft.

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Haunted Librarian

Haunted Librarian – Thursday, August 20th – Dave Jessup

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Show Description:

David Jessup is a stand-up comedian based in Texas. He’s also the creator of @ChildrenOfDave (, handcrafted—and haunting—sculptures using upcycled toys and other thrift store finds. His children are available for adoption and nearly all of them have new homes. With his comedy schedule in limbo due to the COVID-19 pandemic, David has begun to dabble in stop-motion animation. Join Lesia and David on Thursday, August 20th at 9 PM on Midnight.FM as they discuss his children, comedy, and various creative projects he’s working on.

Guest Bio:

David Jessup is a stand-up comedian who can be seen on stage around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well. But in 2003, his life was uprooted with the murder of his friend John David “J.D.” White. White was also an artist whose body was found in the Trinity River in August of that year. He was 37; his case remains unsolved. While cleaning out White’s apartment, Jessup found a few toy parts. To honor his friend, he created his first sculpture. He hasn’t stopped since.

David Jessup’s therapy is creating curious sculptures out of discarded or broken toy parts. For the past 8 years, Jessup has reassembled toys, he calls his children, and sold them via his website,, and various art galleries and specialty shops.

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