MIDNIGHT DRIVE – Actor Gerry King of “Strange Cases” (Friday, August 8)

On this week’s edition of MIDNIGHT DRIVE with Amy Martin and Tim Weisberg, the hosts discuss all of the new and exciting program additions to the Midnight.FM streaming network lineup.

This week the hit podcast FRIGHTDAY started airing on the network with episode “The Beach House/Modern Exorcism“. Be sure to catch FRIGHTDAY on Tuesdays after Midnight Society with Tim Weisberg, airing at Midnight Central/10PM Pacific.

Lesia Schnur left listeners a voice message about her brand new show HAUNTED LIBRARIAN which started this week with guest Dave Shealy, Skunk Ape researcher, talking about mysterious beasts of Florida. Haunted Librarian airs LIVE every Thursday just before Midnight Society at 9PM Eastern/8PM Central.

Tim talks about Spooky Southcoast starting TONIGHT and airing every Saturday at 10PM Eastern, Simulcast from AM station WBSM Headquarters in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Next Tuesday we welcome the legendary Christopher Balzano to the network with his program, “Tripping On Legends” which will now be broadcast LIVE at 9PM Eastern/8PM Central Tuesdays before Midnight Society.

Listeners learned during tonight’s big reveal that we are honored to announce another legend in the field joining the network, Emmy-nominated Jeff Belanger of the PBS television series New England Legends, with his weekly podcast of the same title.

Next week returning to air with a new home on the network this Wednesday, August 12th is Amy On The Radio LIVE, with our very own Amy Martin.
If you enjoyed her news broadcasts on Art Bell’s last show and variety talk with topics in weird science, tech, space, films, music, folklore, and all things strange, you won’t want to miss it!

“Amy On The Radio” airs every Wednesday starting next week with guest Ben Kamphaus – PhD geographer, archaeologist, A.I. researcher, aerospace software engineer, Sci-Fi Author, and musician PATTERN SHIFT at 7PM Eastern/5PM Pacific. 
If you loved his music for the Midnight Drive Intro track last night, be sure to pop on over to Bandcamp and grab yourself a digital copy of the latest PATTERN SHIFT album, “Fragments of the Fleet” and check out his book, “Wake Of The Wander” on Amazon.

Also speaking of Amy’s shows, her new late night mystery program “After Midnight with Amy Martin” starts on the network next September 4th and will air Fridays after Midnight Drive.

We are very excited to have The Riffanormal Show with Jeff Banks and Garry Wapole, join us starting next Saturday, August 15th with their antics riffing on everything from paranormal culture to beloved B-movies. Listeners will know them as our very own resident “Statler and Waldorf” as members of the Midnight Society social media groups. RIFFANORMAL WITH JEFF AND GARRY will air Saturdays at 8:00 PM Eastern here on Midnight.FM.

Actor Gerry King
joined the program to discuss why mysterious advertisements have started interrupting network broadcasts for his new show “Strange Cases”(coming to the network starting next week, August 15th).

Gerry reveals a bit about his past as a “Diner Baby”, salad bowls, and his acting career with film producer pal Jackie Malone.

After the show, Gerry King continues harassing entertaining the hosts with his Twitter antics.

Be sure to follow @StrangeGerry on Twitter, and tune in next Saturday, August 15th for the all new STRANGE CASES WITH GERRY KING, a MidnightFM Network Original program, airing every Saturday evening at 8:30 PM Eastern.

TONIGHT an all new episode of Military X-Files with Mack Maloney and pals Juan-Juan and Commander Cobra airs at Midnight Central/10PM Pacific so be sure to tune in for that!

Also don’t forget to follow @MidnightDotFM on Twitter for the latest in shows, updates and additions during the week.



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