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Thursday, August 6th – Guest: Ron Rademacher

Ron Rademacher – Oddities and Rarities

We look at the mystery of the McIntosh Stone, haunted locations, and ghost towns as we take a ride into high strangeness with Ron Rademacher.


Travel and exploration have always gone hand in hand for Ron Rademacher’s careers – be it the 16 years in the fashion footwear industry or the 10 years spent traveling the arts and crafts fairs throughout Michigan, where he created and sold twig and rustic furniture. From that experience came the idea for Michigan Back Roads and the creation of Michigan Webs.

Today, Ron is a working author with six books in print about travel on the back roads of Michigan. Ron has been described as an explorer, writer, storyteller and the man who holds the record for getting lost on the back roads of Michigan. He can be heard on many radio stations all across Michigan each week on the Steve Gruber Show.


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