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Tuesday, July 28th – Guest: Kyle Dutcher

Kyle Dutcher – The Logical Side of the Mandela Effect

Kyle Dutcher analyzes the Mandela Effect, citing various examples, and how simple, rational, logical explanations can be found for most of them.


Kyle Dutcher was born in a small town in the Thumb of Michigan in 1976. From an early age, he was fascinated with all things paranormal, including UFOs, ghosts, and other strange things. Kyle became aware of the “mass false memory” phenomenon in 2001, while listening to Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. This experience prompted him to research the phenomenon extensively. In 2018, his research led to the Mandela Effect Facebook group, where for the next year, he was consistently the group’s top commenter, always looking for the most logical, simple explanation. He joined the group’s administration team in 2019, where he remains today. Kyle describes himself as a “skeptical believer” in the Mandela Effect, believing that a logical, simple explanation can be found for most examples, while some seemingly cannot be explained.


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