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Thursday, July 2nd – Guest: Jim Whittenberger

Jim Whittenberger – Extraordinary Alien Contact, Part 2

We continue with one of the most fascinating abduction stories you have ever heard. UFO and alien experiencer Jim Whittenberger returns to continue his jaw-dropping, first-hand accounts of witnessing a UFO and being abducted by aliens.


Jim Whittenberger, a 61-year-old Ohio native, grew up in Fairborn. His home was in the Hebble Homes Community, approximately 300 feet outside the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. He currently resides in Clearwater, Florida and throughout his life, he worked in various jobs such as roofer, restaurant worker, and assembly line worker. Based on what has happened to him in his life, Jim considers himself an experienced ufologist.


Next Door to Central Command


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